Monday, April 15, 2013

Craigslist again....

So I have a thing for milk glass (who doesn't,'s so pretty)!  I first got introduced when I found a set of 16 cups and plates online to buy.  I used them for tons of events/parties, but didn't have enough.

Ever since, I've been accumulating so that if I had a large party or shower, I would have sets for everyone.  Just this weekend I picked up 22 more sets for $30 from a woman on Craigslist :)  I guess back in the day, you could collect coupons from your grocery purchases and these milk glass plates was one of the prizes you could select.

Recently we've had lots of showers between friend and family weddings/baby showers, so I've been able to use them frequently.  SO, if you ever need some cute tea plates, feel free to borrow mine :)

Another exciting find on Craigslist was a set of 5 place setting, and 4 serving dishes of our Vera Wang china we registered for when we got married.  I was excited b/c the seller was asking about 75% off of the retail value!

Craigslist is like a huge estate sale running 24/7.....

On another note, Baby Anderson #2 is due to arrive in a month.  We are getting anxious to meet the little one and introduce him or her to little Charlotte and the rest of the family.

Pictures and updates to come :)


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