Saturday, February 16, 2013


This weekend we're back in Bloomington to rent a U-haul and take some older (but awesome) furniture back home, since my parents are updating their living room! We're excited for the new furniture they graciously gave us, and also be able to relax, see my family and explore my hometown.

Charlotte helping Daddy pack to go
Saturday morning was an unexpected little treasure, as Eric and I were able to go to an awesome estate sale,   a farmer's market in the history museum downtown Bloomington, out for coffee and cupcakes, and to a few thrift stores.  Grandparents are the best to have around :)

Check out a few things we scored along the way!  

We got two of these end tables...
and a matching coffee table...
Here is the inside of the chest.  It can hold wine with this lattice, or store blankets and pillows.
We went to Neighbor Hood Thrift Store, downtown Bloomington, if anyone is interested where we found these pieces.  They were super helpful and we were able to negotiate the price down quite a bit.

I'm thinking of putting the coffee table in front of a couch in the family room, and splitting up the end tables to go in a bedroom at the foot of a bed OR using them as nightstands.

Maybe I'll fill them with treasures for our kids throughout the years and gift them to them when they move out....

Also, at the estate sale in my parent's neighborhood we found 20 glass plates with matching cup saucers.  I have a few of these in milk glass, but for $14, I couldn't pass up adding to my collection!  If anyone wants to use them for a party or shower, just ask!

Oh, and at $4 each, these were too pretty to pass up!

Oh, the things we got done this Saturday morning!  What a fun start to our long weekend.


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