Sunday, April 21, 2013

Master Bathroom

Hey there,

We've had our master bathroom done for a few months now, but up in some final touches this weekend.  It was a great reminder to take some pictures and post them to continue documenting our home-reno journey.  

We've obviously slowed down with home projects with Charlotte around and the soon-expected arrival of Baby Anderson #2.  Nevertheless, we are still loving working on the house and have busy this weekend with some final touches.

We're trying to get a lot of small things done around the house before the baby comes, plus we are going to refinance our mortgage with the interest rates continuing to decline.

Here are some pics of the master bathroom.  Art work is still on the list of things to purchase, but you can see where the room stands today...

But first, here are a few before pictures of our asian-themed master bath (with carpet):

It may be hard to notice, but the old shower was smaller than a dorm room shower.  

 Here are some AFTER pictures after we ripped out the dry wall and started from scratch:

RH mirror and sconces...all from the outlet in WI.

Vanity and marble piece that we later added drawer pulls to.  We had both pieces custom made for our space, which saved us half the cost.

Restoration Hardware faucet that I bought on ebay.

Added this little shelf today :)

More than doubled the size of the shower...
We recently bought bath mats, towels, and a little storage area for the towels, but I haven't gotten to setting them up.  Once everything is finished, I'll post pics again :)

Have a great day!

The Anderson Family

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