Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yet Another Trip to RH Outlet

Eric and I had a date this the outlet mall.  We stopped into Starbucks, and off we went on a long car ride to visit the RH Outlet in Wisconsin.  It actually only took up 45 minutes to get there, but we went out of state so it felt long.

I love time with Eric in the car because there are no distractions.... and of course we love fixing up our house and decorating in our free time (which has been non-existent for the last few months); this was a perfect date!

Recently we finished putting up the paint, doors, and door knobs in the master bedroom (pictures to come), but didn't have anything to put in the room!  We've had our eye out for some furniture at Restoration Hardware, but couldn't bring ourselves to spend the money.  The outlet is hit or miss, so I decided to call ahead to check what they had in stock.  On the other end of the phone I heard "we're loaded with furniture and everything is an additional 20% off".

So off we went!

Check out what we ended up scoring....

RH Portman Dresser
Two months ago it was listed at 20% off, then 30% the next week and so on, all they way down to 70% off.  Two of the drawers didn't fit right, and it was a little dirty.  Eric and I switched out the drawers, and they fit perfectly in their new spots!

We also picked up one matching nightstand.  The nightstand is originally $695 but we got it for well under $280...and it's in perfect condition minus one little scratch.  Nothing a little espresso wood pen couldn't fix.

Anyway, I'll put pictures up once we get everything set up.  I have some other pictures of the master bathroom to post as well.

Thanks for joining us on our adventures of home renovation and decoration!

Now onto another room...


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