Thursday, January 10, 2013


This weekend has been one we've planned for for a while!  To kick off the weekend, a package was scheduled to come into the mail today, but they ended up rescheduling for tomorrow morning.  A little anticlimactic, but exciting nonetheless.

Tile for our foyer!

After going back and fourth about whether to tile or put wood down in the foyer, we opted for tile.  It's more durable and easier to install in our instance, since we don't have to re-do the sub floor if we're just replacing the tile from our current foyer floor.

We love carrara marble, so we picked out 16x16 inch honed carrara marble as the tile for our foyer.  It will hopefully make a statement when you walk in!

I think the sizing will be perfect for the room dimensions, although I'm not the most skilled in furniture placement and sizing.  I guess we'll wait and see what the outcome looks like.

The tile will also match the marble in the living room located to the right of the foyer.  It's called bringing it together (or trying...).

The foyer now is making a statement... (yikes)!

But we're going to change that statement from gaudy to simple elegant with a few updates.  We have already taken down the wallpaper, the closet (as you can see in the second picture above), and have had the entryway replaced.

Once the tile gets installed by the talented Tommy Bley (aka Poppy), we'll have our stair case installed!

Charlotte will be ONE in a few weeks, and with her climbing the stairs at any free opportunity, I think it's time for some railings.

I'm taking pictures every step of the way to remember where we have come in the time we've lived in our little house. I'll post them soon!

Wish us luck this weekend and next week that we can complete these projects before Charlotte's birthday party!


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