Saturday, January 12, 2013

Foyer Weekend...Whew

Here's a glimpse into our most recent Friday night...

Eric and I rushed home from work to begin taking up the tile in our foyer, in preparation of laying down a new floor the following day.  Sweet little Charlotte was a great sleeper with the help of ear plugs during our few hours of hammering away.  (And don't worry...I watched her on the monitor, to make sure she didn't eat the ear plugs, until she fell asleep.)

Then, Saturday morning Tom and Madison arrived to help on the foyer.   Here are a few pictures, along with a timeline, of our eventful day.

8:30 am - Tom sees how uneven the floor was with the old tile ripped up.  Shaking his head, like he does when he shares bad news, he tells us the entire sub-floor needs to come up.  This is a HUGE job that we wanted to avoid, so we settled on the fact that we would have a very messy house come time for Charlotte's 1st Birthday party 7 days later.

11:00 am - My husband is amazing, and got the entire sub-floor up within 90 minutes!  Tom helped clean up the mess (hundreds of pounds of tile and concrete), and we're now in business to put down a new sub-floor.  What a pleasant, unexpected surprise and blessing!

What a mess... right about now I was getting nervous.
The house was getting messy, so the ladies took a stroll to the park. Charlotte loves being with her cousin Madison and being outside.  Who would have thought January would have been this kind to us so far?!

11:30 - The men finish cleaning up the mess (sorry to our next door neighbors who can see it stashed away on the side of our house).  Note on the 4th picture we lose our bottom step (Can you feel me getting more anxious as the day goes on?).

2:00 - After a run to the store to rent a truck and purchase the materials to build the new sub-floor, the men begin the process.  First went a layer of 1/2" plywood, followed by 1/2" durock.  

4:00 - What!? Even though we expected to just get to this point this weekend, we're actually ready to begin tiling....I cannot believe it.

We got the majority of tile down today, but have a few cuts to make tomorrow morning, followed by grouting around the tile.  I'll post more pictures tomorrow once I take them, but I was so excited about how productive Tom and Eric were today that I had to share :)

It looks like we'll have a foyer floor for the party next week after all!  Now we're just hoping the staircase company doesn't cancel on us again, and are able to come and fix our step in the next week!

Although we've been at home renovation projects awhile, we love seeing the transformation of rooms after we put in a lot of hard work.  This room in particular has been one we've been patiently waiting to work on, so it's a joy to see the changes happening today!

Good night friends,

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