Thursday, September 6, 2012

Here today, Gone tomorrow.

Last week our Mac computer crashed and we lost everything on the hard drive...including all of Charlotte's baby pictures from birth to 6 months old (don't worry, I've recovered most of them from photographers and emails), and parties, events and milestones over the last two years.  The only thing I welcomed getting lost were my horrific pregnancy shots....why did I ever want to do that to myself? didn't hit me until yesterday that allllll of our before, in progress, and after pictures of the house renovation were also gone!  I was bummed because this has been such a big part of our lives over the past three years, and in one second our memories of our work were gone.

At the moment I realized there was no way to recover our pictures and story on our house remodel, I remembered a few years back that Mariel had encouraged me to document our house progress through a blog.  Oh Mari, I am so thankful of that conversation and that we still have a portion of our house story documented!

Now that I know this blog will be a lasting story of 712 CC, I MAY just have to post every detail of my life in case it happens again.... (or maybe we can just get an external hard drive and solve the issue by backing our stuff up).

For example....this vase was on clearance at Anthropologie for $9 yesterday.  The pop of color will be perfect in a bedroom or in the dining room.  I was excited about it because it was cheap and looks really cool in person.  Now to decide where to put it.... :)


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