Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not so fast...

So ladies and gents...I previously posted on Joss and Main and wanted to add a helpful review of my experience for anyone who may use the website in the future.

the positive: we got our chandelier and it looks amazing. Here is a picture of the chandelier on the store's website.

the negative:
1) the color of the shade isn't 100% what I thought it would be.  a little more gold actually.
2) there are no returns, so you are blindly buying expensive products and hoping the pictures and descriptions on their website are correct.
3) i've found at LEAST 5 items on Joss and Main that are actually cheaper online directly on the retailer's website....most coming from's website.

For example: Maggie Pillowtop Bench on Joss and Main is advertised to typically cost $658, but is on sale for $349 online (plus shipping and tax).

However, I found the same bench for $293 with tax and shipping included on

While it's great to shop these discount stores, be careful...very careful. 

Hope this helps!


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