Thursday, September 6, 2012

Master, Master...

This week has been huge at the Anderson household.

To begin, Charlotte started standing herself up on furniture, clapping, and eating table food in a matter of three days.  Her favorite big people foods are eggs, cheerio's, and salmon currently.  And whenever she sees the camera, she smiles.  Who knew someone could love the camera at such a young age?

(When it's your kid, the details are so exciting...)

Also, we've done a ton of stuff on the house.  For me, this has been the first time I've worked on the house since before I was pregnant, so it's been a fun to work along side Eric in getting things done.

Here are a few before pics of the master give you a reference point for how far the space has come.  Master Bedroom Post.

And here are some in progress is drywalled and primed.

Room now has paint (loving the color, White Sand by Benjamin Moore) and decorative boxes on back wall.  The chandelier is also hung but has a garbage bag over it to prevent it from getting dusty.

Tape is up and the crown molding is painted too!  Small details take the longest to complete...

Can you see a glimpse into the bathroom?  We're making progress there too!

New windows are scheduled to be installed THIS month!!  I'm soooo sooo excited to have screens and to be able to open our windows.

Our built in TV unit is also started.

See how much we've been up to?  I get excited to think that after two and a half years here, we'll actually be in our master bedroom soon.

Here is a close up of the TV unit in progress...

Do you remember what this awkward space used to be taken up by? An oversized mirror and vanity of course...they said Mrs. Kass was glamorous.

Wow, we've come so far!

More pictures to come....


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