Sunday, September 11, 2011

In the small things...

Why hello!

Over the last year or so we've been so focused on big projects in our house, that we haven't had much time (or energy) to focus on small decorative items for our house.  So this weekend while Eric worked on things at the house, I took a trip to a favorite store of mine....the Restoration Hardware Outlet.

My main goal was to buy accessories for the half bath we're renovating now.  I was able to find a mirror, double sconce, and glass wall shelf that look great together.

I also got a new fireplace screen (the huge old brass one was SO outdated) and a venetian mirror.  Everything I got was about 60% off :)

Here is a picture of our old fireplace screen:

And here is our new one.  So plain, which was exactly what the room needed...less bling.

In two weeks we'll have crown molding and new lighting up in the family room too!
Also, here is a picture of the Venetian Mirror.  I haven't decided where it will go, but I was thinking it would be nice in the foyer or as the mirror in our master bathroom.  Choices, choices...

Thanks for stopping by!  Now I'm off to enjoy the beautiful weather with Eric...


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  1. I love the screen! Just moved this week so I am in decorating mode as well ;) I really like the mirror too! Can't wait to see it in the next week or 2. We are in town the next 2 weekends :) Have a great week!