Saturday, September 3, 2011

What a week...

Hello friends!

The past week has been filled with exciting events in our lives!  First off, I watched my dearest friend Mariel marry the man of her dreams.  She looked so beautiful!  Eric and I are just thrilled for their new marriage and what God is going to do through them.

This past week we also celebrated my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary!  It was great to hear stories around the dinner table of how they started their courtship years ago :) Aren't they cute?

The fam. top it all off, we had our 20 week ultrasound!!!  Eric and I were in awe of how complete and complex God made our baby.  Baby A is health as can be and weighs right around 1lb :)  Seeing the baby for the first time and watching him/her move made the idea of being parents quite real!

It was so fun to see the baby sucking its thumb, waving its hands and sticking out his/her tongue.  While it was tempting at the time, we decided against finding out the baby's gender!  Until January, I'll just keep guessing...

Here is a profile shot of our little one:

Also, here are my belly shots for the last few weeks.  I've noticed growth a LOT more in the last few weeks and felt the baby move around 18 weeks!

18 Weeks
19 Weeks (I forgot to take a belly profile shot this week)

20 Weeks -- Half way--
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  1. Courtney, you are so beautiful! And you are going to make the BEST MOM!!! I love the updates and am so happy that Baby A is healthy! Praise God for what He is doing in yours and Eric's lives! Miss you <3

  2. Wow lots of excitement! You looked beautiful in Mariel's wedding and I know you will look just as beautiful in a couple months too! I can't wait to spend more time with you and Eric in the near couple months. Your belly does look bigger since last I saw you. Just reminds me how fast time flies. You look so great ! Hope you are enjoying your Labor day :)

    Love, Al