Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rainy Day...


This weekend we're home working on the house.... On the agenda is crown molding in the family room, finishing up some last minute touches around the room, and beginning to frame out the master bedroom to prepare it for new drywall and insulation.

Here are some updated pics of the half bath that Tommy has been working on:

**Here is a post with pics of the bathroom in progress.
New drywall after plumbing was done.

And base and crown molding added...

Next up: Put up wallpaper and install the new sink, toilet, accessories we've purchased.

Here is our wallpaper we've selected.  Thanks Grandma Shirley for saving wallpaper over the years...

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And here is out sink and toilet by Kohler going into the half bath:

And finally, I bought the accessories (in polished chrome) for the bath at the Restoration Hardware Outlet at 80% off.  We have to hire a plumber, but hopefully this project will be completed shortly!

It's a small bathroom, so there isn't much creativity involved in designing this.  My only hope is that it looks better than it did when we began....yikes!

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