Sunday, January 16, 2011

One Step Further....

One step further on our hallway completion from a previous post.....

crown molding and new trim is up!

The doors will be replaced soon of course (it just takes time to paint each one)!

I thought I would post a few BEFORE pictures of our hallway decor for your amusement.  It was flashy!

this wallpaper was everywhere in the house!
the door on the right side of the picture is covered with a mirror.  these mirrors were on almost every door in the house when we moved in!

picture complete w/ wallpaper in the hallway, matching decorated doors, and old school alarm system...i kind of miss it!
We've got some other projects going currently, so I'll make sure to post later this week on our progress.


The Anderson's


  1. Wow that is very flashy! Y'all have done a great job with it!

  2. I got a feeling those mirrors and flashy wallpaper is for good luck (according to Chinese geomancy or Feng Shui).

  3. Hi Courtney! New follower via the blog hop. I love keeping up with other's home renovations/decorating. It gives me ideas for when we actually buy our first home! Plus, me and my Mr. are very hands on and enjoy projects! I look forward to reading more of yours!

    angie @

  4. Hello! Love looking at the house renovations! Thanks for following. Good luck and I will check back often to see how your doing on your project.

    Thanks again,