Saturday, January 15, 2011

Front Entrance

Front Entryway Pictures....

As you know, Eric and I have been working on the foyer and hallway throughout the last few weeks.  As we are still figuring out how to re-do our staircase (well...Tommy is figuring that out), I thought I would post some pictures of our new front entryway!

Also, we previously had a plain door knob on the new front door but we recently purchased and installed a new handle.  It was similar to the one I blogged (here) about a few months ago....what do you think?

Before picture of Entryway.  The glass was really bad at keeping the winter cold out of the house.  It had to go!

The previous owner told us that a famous glass maker created these windows. Cool fact, but not a fan....

another before shot with our beautiful wallpaper :)

After picture of our new front doors!

silly Tommy....

another outside shot.  Equipped with our new door handle.

I installed this myself...I felt proud that I didn't mess it up.

Here is an inside shot of the doors.  Although the lighting is dark, you can see how having clear glass changes the look and feel of the room.

We are very happy with the changes so far, and are looking forward to showing more pictures of the fully completed foyer :)