Friday, January 21, 2011

Foyer Pictures

 Hello Friends :)  Last weekend we made a lot of progress on the hallway and foyer. 

Check out the pictures below that sequence the recent changes we've made.....

#1- Closet and Carpet still up. Most of the wallpaper has been taken off at this point.

#2- Closet out, carpet gone, and paint in the hallway upstairs!
I kind of miss my pink little stripes going up the stairs.

#3- Wall patched and ready to be prepped for painting!!

As we have now taken out the closet, you'll notice in the picture below that the bottom 4 stairs are no longer symmetrical.

Our next steps to finishing the foyer are to re-do the staircase to make the steps symmetrical, and of course to paint everything!

We love the "feather-down" color from Benjamin Moore that we have used throughout the house, so we're going to be using that color in the foyer as well.  The light color expands the feel of the room, making it seem larger.

However, we wanted to make a statement in the foyer, so our plan is to paint stripes of "feather-down" in eggshell and is hi-gloss......something that would resemble the following pictures:

As far as remodeling the stairs, we've contacted some custom stair companies to get a quote on how to fix our little problem.  Eric and I have a look that we're going for, so we're hopeful that we can get it for a decent cost.

Picture from Google Images (it's blurry so I cannot blow it up).

Also, here are a couple of pictures I like as well!
Staircase 1, Staircase 2.

That is what is new with us!  We're looking forward to having this project done...and excited to see the outcome!

Have a great weekend,


  1. Wow I love the idea of the stripes. I also love staircase #2. I've always been a big fan of the dark on light.

  2. It is looking good! We are planning on doing a variation on the stripes in our dining room when we get to that point.

  3. Hi Courtney!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I LOVE your home. I love everything you've done so far, I can't wait to follow along!