Saturday, November 5, 2011

Is it Really November?

Oops, I missed an entire month of posting.  Where does the time go?

We've took a break from house work in October and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather with weekends in Pentwater!

Now that the winter is approaching, we're re-energized to begin work on the house once again.  We've had the half bath gutted for a month or two but are close to the finish line of having this ready to go.

To check out the "before", here is a link with a few pictures.

Last weekend Eric's mom so kindly wallpapered the bathroom, and wow does the print make the room look a whole lot bigger than before.  This wallpaper is so neutral and will make the fixtures we install stand out.

Note the we don't have a light installed in the room yet, so the pictures are dark.

Also, we recently purchased some discounted items from the RH outlet to compete the room.  We've been on the hunt for polished chrome pieces for a few months, and finally found some!

Bistro Tissue Holder

Lugarno Faucet....this took forever to find and we purchased at over 50% off

Asbury Mirror...ours in the one is the 3rd mirror in the back.
Asbury Double Sconce

If you haven't been to the RH Outlet, I highly recommend it for a good deal.  Some of their furniture is still expensive, but if you're purchasing lighting or bathroom items, the discount is normally 60-80% off.

Now that we have the sink, toliet, mirror, and fixtures...we're ready to install.  I'll be so thrilled to have two working bathrooms in the house in the near future :)

Have a great weekend,

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