Friday, March 25, 2011


Hello Friends,

A few weeks ago we replaced our overly-decorated doors upstairs with 6 panel white doors (hooray!). With the carpet up, wallpaper off, and new doors, the hallway is transformed from a 1950's style to a 21st century style!

We bought the new bedroom doors on sale at Menards (we love Menards), but they did not come with hardware.  Therefore, I will wait to post pics of the transformed hallway until we pick out and install door knobs.  I'm currently searching the internet and stores for fun knobs to put on each bedroom and closet door.

Should we have all of the door knobs the same? Should we give each room a different door knob since each room is decorated differently?  Should we get vintage knobs or new ones?  And how can I find door knobs that are decently priced?

Here are some pictures of knobs I like (most of which are over $100 per knob, so I won't be getting):

Glass Knobs for the Bedroom Doors....

And milk glass or porcelain knobs for the closets...

Does anyone know where we can find fun knobs? New or Used...

Happy Friday,

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  1. Love the pictures you've posted! Have you tried antiquing to find them? I wish I had kept some of the ones from my grandparents' house in WI because they were like these...