Monday, February 28, 2011

House Beautiful.

Here are some pictures Eric and I took this weekend at House Beautiful's Pink Chair Giveaway!  It was such a great experience and will definitely be a birthday to remember...

There are also some pictures of the wine and dessert birthday party Eric planned for me.  We have amazing friends!

Here is the schedule of our Saturday morning:

9:00am- after breakfast @ Toast, we signed up for Twitter to get the clues for the competition

9:30am- hanging out an Navy Pier...our best guess for where they would drop the 1st chair

9:45am- waiting....

10:00am- walking around Navy Pier to kill time

11:02am- We get the first text while parked at Navy Pier that chair #1 is being dropped at Millenium Park!!!!! Off we go.

11:10 am- Arrive at the 1st location 

11:15am- I see the first chair being dropped off, but someone went up and grabbed it first.  It's okay, she was so happy to win!

After this chair was given away, I was able to meet and talk to the editor & team from House Beautiful.  They mentioned there was a party at Crate and Barrel and the next chair would be given away in the afternoon.  Knowing that we had time to kill before the next chair drop, Eric and I spent our time relaxing and window shopping in the city.

1:02pm- recieved a text to look for chair #3 at Michigan Avenue
1:08pm- Followed the text that the Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams chair will be across from the Wrigley Building.

1:28pm- I kept looking to the left (south) of me for the House Beautiful truck to pull up into the circle drive in front of the Wrigley Building.  LUCKILY, Eric was parked further north on Michigan Ave and text me that a pink chair was being walked down Michigan Ave coming from the north.

I turned to the right and saw a pink chair a block away and took off running! Unfortunately they got it on tape.

Here is their update on Twitter!

Me with the House Beautiful clan...they were so nice!

Eric pulls up to load the chair....what a wonderful husband :)

I brought the chair to my bday party so everyone could see it :)  Thanks again to everyone who came out to celebrate with me. I felt so loved!

Susan in the pink chair!

love her

Gretchen & Veronica!
me and my new bday top :) thanks hun!

singing happy bday :)

twon in the pink chair!

Kelly Jo & Jaci :)
Me with the pink chair!
Yum! Thanks Dave & Keren
There are still a few chairs left in the giveaway today in the loop, in case you want to participate too!




  1. Oh so fun! Way to run for that chair :) Looks like a great party! Love you lots!

  2. Oh my! Love the pink chair! Your blog is very inspiring as I LOVE to design my home! I am following you via Thirsty Thursday! Come by and visit soon!

  3. I NEED that pink chair! Love it.Found you via blog hop Thur and so glad I did. Cute blog! Please stop by for a visit soon.


  4. New follower from tips 4 green blog hop. Looked like a very fun day around the city. Glad you got your chair. Would love a follow back if you have the time at