Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dining Room

Recently we've been searching for two fun dining chairs to go at the end of our dining table. Once I saw the Martine Dining Chairs from Restoration, I knew I loved the look. Our dining room table is oval so the shape of this chair would almost fit with the curve of our table.

Here is our table from C&B.....
We actually bought this at the outlet for half off b/c the hardware for the extension leaf was installed incorrectly. It took about 5 minutes to fix that issue!

Inspiration for the host/hostess chairs:

I just kept my eye out for something similar over a period of weeks...and eventually we stumbled upon these two green chairs at TJ Maxx/Home Goods. I was so happy to get these chairs at a fraction of the cost.

I was taking a risk with the color of these chairs, but I've really grown to like the green. We have a lot of complimenting colors in the living room next door so once both rooms are done, I think the bold color will look great :)

I'll post final pictures of the dining room once we've got a hutch and final details up...but we're getting close to having some finished rooms.

Thanks for checking in!

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