Monday, May 20, 2013


Closets....It didn't seem that big of a project at the beginning.  But taking off wallpaper, filling holes for the old closest systems, painting and installing new closest systems take a LONG time!

This is what we were working with..... (I'm sure this was in style at one time, right?)

Imagine the pictures above times FIVE.  With five closets to re-do, you can imagine the mess our upstairs has been.  As a pregnant (and nesting) mom, I desire everything to be clean and organized before the arrival of Baby Anderson.

Thankfully, my husband and dad worked hard to get our house prepared. This weekend Eric totally completed the closets and even organized them for me :) :)

We opted for the cheap and simple white wire racks for the closets, rather than splurge for an actual organizational system.  I figure we'd rather spend our house budget on other things.  I'm so happy that now I can actually hang my clothes up!



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