Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One down, two to go...

Happy almost Independence Day!  With the heat reaching 100 degrees, I have opted to stay inside and plan a few projects around the house.

Today I wanted to show the completion of our half bathroom!  This was actually done long ago, but we needed to put a door up to finish the room before crossing it off the list of rooms to complete.

I've posted the journey in previous posts (links below), but thought I'd post some before and afters today.

Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, and Step 4...finally!!!


Mirrored door and glitter wallpaper....
Of course and outdoor light fixture makes sense in a small bathroom.

Finished Room...

This room is at a slightly awkward angle, so I couldn't get a picture capturing the entire washroom.

The fixtures are all polished chrome, although they look a somewhat brass in the pic.

Kohler toilet and sink.

love the wallpaper (thanks grandma shirley)....did you know it's making a comeback this year?
TJ Max find.

RH Outlet find.

That's it!  One (half) bathroom down, two full bathrooms to go!  

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