Monday, July 23, 2012

Half Price...Yes, Please!

Recently I saw someone selling a Restoration Hardware couch on Craigslist. I emailed them about potentially buying it, but it had already sold.  

It was the Lancaster leather couch pictured below:
Restoration Hardware
I was a little let down because the price was so low, so I did some online searching to see if there were any other used couches online for sale in the area.  Right away I found Bari Leather Furniture, check it out!

From their website: 
The Arliano is the original Lancaster Sofa Shown in Restoration Hardware. The Arliano collection is in a class of its own. This set is the best of the best. A solid hardwood frame - 100% Italian leather make this set one for the ages. The extra deep seating and glove soft leather will give you comfort for years to come. This set will continue to improve over the years like a fine wine. Similar sets are sold in stores for over $12,000. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.
If this set looks VERY familiar to a collection seen in your favorite retailer, that’s because it is the original design that they sold for years. Recently, they switched factories and had to alter the measurements just a bit due to the switch. This is the original... and still the best.
Can you believe it?  The same couch at Restoration Hardware is $3000 more than on this website.  I'm not saying we'll purchase the couch (Eric likes to say, is it a want or a need?), but I know where to go if I ever wanted to get something at half the cost.
I love finding deals. I wish I could be a personal shopper.

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