Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tile Shop

This weekend was pretty low key, but we got one thing knocked off of our "to-do" house list!

We've been thinking about the master bedroom and bathroom for a while now, but finally made a trip out to The Tile Shop!  If you're looking for some really cool pieces and great customer service (shout out to Shawn in Countryside) it's definitely worth a trip.

One thing I've loved about this house journey is that we learn something new with each project.

First, we got horizontal carrara tiles about 13 inches long, 10 inches wide that will be the main stone in our shower.  We chose horizontal tiles to elongate the height of the shower since it's not a huge space.

I looooove the look of white carrara marble, but it's so pricey!  So we actually went with a ceramic tile that looks like carrara to cut on the cost.  We are using real marble for the rest of the shower accents though to create a true carrara look.

To go along with the big tiles, we got some awesome mosaic pieces create a really fun/vintage listellos.  I didn't know what the heck a listellos was before I walked in the store, but it's essentially a decorative tile accent that goes around the shower as an accent piece.

for example...

What we actually ordered for our listellos was Tile 1 from the picture below.  It's not a traditional shaped listellos, but we're going to cut this piece of tile into 4 sections to make it into our own listellos.  This cut on costs but creating our own listellos since we can get 4 - 12" wide piece from one sheet, rather than purchase a listellos by the linear foot.

With Tile 1 acting as our listellos decorative accent, we're also adding in a built-in shelf that will have this glass/marble tile as a backsplash and framing it out with marble trim.

If you take a look at Tile 4 in the same picture, that is our floor tile we picked out!  I love adds texture and is really cute in my opinion.

Hopefully the shower will look the same way in person that it looks in my imagination....

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  1. Very nice! Love the neutral color. We installed the frameless glass on our shower and I love it.
    white marble tile