Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hello Friends!  After a hiatus from blogging, I thought I'd begin to get back into posting!  We've taken a break from house work in the past few months in preparation of the arrival of Little Miss Charlotte.  And with Charlotte finally here, it's been hard to find time to focus on our house project again.

The last 8 weeks with Charlotte have been so wonderful!  I can't express how thankful to God I am to have such a healthy, happy family.

As moms do, let me show you how sweet she is:

Today is such a fun day in our house, as we are watching the NCAA tournament play out.  We looooove college basketball and have enjoyed watching multiple games over the last few days.  Having some downtime allowed me to think about some of the upcoming projects we'd like to complete on the house.

Yesterday I went on Craigslist and found a steal - a Cal King Head board and foot board for our master bedroom (something we've been in search of for awhile).

Restoration Hardware sells it new for $2200.  We paid...$320 (85% off).  Granted we spent some money renting a truck to pick up the bed, but still a deal in our book.

Our 2012 agenda has some big projects on the list.  Here's to kicking off the master bedroom design!



  1. I saw beautiful Charlotte and just started crying. That's how much I love her! And you too :) Love the bed BTW! mom

  2. Can't wait to see Charlotte! Hopefully we will be in town in the next month. Love the head board too! I am always surprised by how you find such great deals? What's the secret? Did you find them online, craigslist? I need to become a deal finder so any help would be appreciated! Love you!