Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baby A's Closet

Last week we didn't have window treatments, nor did we have a closet (or closet doors for that matter) for the nursery.

Tommy and Eric were awesome this weekend with helping prepare the room with these final touches, and I finally feel like the room is done enough to bring Baby A home!  We still have some final changes to make, but I wanted to post a few pics of the blinds (which are a big deal if you haven't had window treatments for two years) and the closet system Eric installed from IKEA.

Blinds were from blinds.com on sale, curtains were $24.99 from IKEA, and the curtain rod with crystal ball finials was from Tuesday Mornings :)  Love deals!

IKEA PAX Closet System - Okay...this product line is awesome.  We looked at some similar configurations from the Container Store, and IKEA's prices were about 1/3rd the cost.  PLUS, it's super sturdy, looks great, and comes with a ten year warranty. Win, win.

Closet doors!!!
Eric after a few hours of putting up the closet

Finished product

Stocking up!

 I'm so thankful for my family's help, and for Eric's willingness and excitement to get the house ready for the baby.

The countdown has begun for Baby A to arrive.... 2.5 weeks :)  Here's to hoping the baby comes early.


  1. Looks great!!!! Good luck and I will cross my fingers that baby comes early too;)

  2. Love that closet!! What a guy.... a very proud daddy to be! Praying for an easy delivery. Just remember you are super strong and can do anything with Christ! :) can't wait to meet that little girl... :p

  3. Aw, this makes me so happy! :) Great job and can't wait to see you guys on Friday!