Monday, June 20, 2011

New Buys

Long time no see friends!  I've been absent for the past few weeks with a packed schedule!  In June I've been out of the state a few days each week just about, which means blogging about the house project has been non-existent.

We have lots of things going on at the house currently, but not all of the projects are done just yet so I'll wait to post all of the fun new pictures we have.

I DID want to share about a new purchase of mine from a few weeks ago.  A friend of mine had mentioned an antique shop in Glen Ellyn that was really fun, called 'Bountiful Barn'.  Well one day while I was celebrating the engagement of a dear friend (and in between wedding dress shops), we accidentally ran into this sweet little barn full of fun finds!

Here is my new chair:

Isn't it beautiful? No, I don't like the gold painted wood, and no, I definitely don't love the fabric....but all of that can be changed, right?

I'm thinking of painting the wood frame black and upholstering the chair in a beige linen fabric...somewhat like RH's linen fabric pictured below.

Restoration Hardware
We had been on the search for a french chair for a while to go next to our wing back chair in the living room.  The size and shape of the french chair is able to compete with the largeness of the wing back chair to create an evened out look in the room, rather than having our wing back chair overtake the space.

We'll send it to our upholsterer in the next few weeks, so I'll plan on posting pics once it is ready!

Also, I've been on the lookout for a big rug to go into our current project, the family room.  A few weeks after I found the french chair at the Bountiful Barn, I was lucky enough to find a steal of a deal on Craigslist!  If any of you don't use or haven't used Craigslist in the past, it's phenomenal!!!

I found this 8 x 10 rug from Pottery Barn for $150 (normally over $900).  The Estelle rug is about 2 years old and was in a spare bedroom, so it looks brand new (no stains, no pets, etc).  I'm having it cleaned at the moment and it will be ready in a week to pick up!

The greens and beiges in this rug will go nicely in our family room once it is finished.

That's about it for now.  Renovating a house is a lot of work, but it's been a blast to shop for and decorate our own place for the first time.

I just have to remember that all of this work will be worth it when we can start using our home to host events and have people over.  I can see the end of the light!


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