Friday, February 18, 2011


February is such a lovely month.

By the look on our faces, we obviously didn't win the newlywed game!
The question was: "Who does your husband have a man-crush on?"
It's really fun becasue it's short and full of fun celebrations (Valentine's Day with my man, our Valentine's Day dinner with friends- and a hilarious rendition of the Newlywed game, my birthday, Groundhog's day...the list keeps going).

We changed our name tags to Clive and Juilana.....

Besides all of these fun activities, I have been traveling a lot for work and slacking on updates of the house. We have a lot of projects going on right now including the staircase, figuring out flooring options, tearing up the family room, etc....  My parents are visiting this weekend to help, so I'll post some progress pictures along the way. 

In the mean time, I have been thinking more about design and decorating in each of our finished bedrooms.  I really like Anthropologie in general and when I discovered their bedding this month, it was no surprise that I liked each of their bedding sets!



 Now if I could find Anthropologie style bedding for half the price......

Have a great weekend!



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