Tuesday, February 1, 2011


About a year ago I posted a blog titled "Making It Cozy" that included some inspiration for the fireplace we were aiming to build.

Now that the bookshelves are in and our first big project is complete, I wanted to post a few pictures!

Our Inspiration:

The Living Room "Before":

In Progress:

#1- Paint and take up carpet

 #2- Insert marble into the floor

 #3- Fireplace box installed

#4- Get ready to drywall

#5- Drywall, paint, and put up sconces

The END Product:

We are very pleased with the outcome, and I think we accomplished our goal to make this room more cozy!  Next on the list is the fill the bookshelves with books...

The Anderson's


  1. I would like to come curl up by your fireplace right now as I am watching this blizzard approach...
    looks great! you certainly accomplished 'cozy'. :)

  2. I like your living room more than your inspiration...it's beautiful and cozy.

  3. straight from a magazine. incredible. and cozy :)

  4. Your living room went from cold and formal to warm and cozy. The lighting in addition to the new stuff (fireplace, bookshelves, paint, etc) is really great. Came here from Remodelholic. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hello! I was wondering what steps were needed to add a fireplace to your living room? Did they tap into the existing fireplace that's in your basement? Our home has NO fireplace at all, but we would love to install a real wood burning fireplace.. any help is appreciated.