Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Decor

I love the warmth Christmas decorations bring to a home.  A nice fire, a beautifully lit tree decorated with sentimental ornaments, and soft music in the background.  I was pumped last night to finally put up our tree and decorate our house for the holidays for the first time!! 

I had Eric go downstairs and get the Christmas decorations while I was making dinner.  He brought up one box and then stopped and turned his attention elsewhere (were the Illini playing?). 

Come to find out, we only had ONE box of  Christmas decorations, and it was only half full.  My dreams of filling our new home with red and green quickly faded.

Until the weeks following Christmas are here to shop the sale Christmas items, I'll imagine what the mantle will look like next year......

One last thing. Lindsay Anderson will like this question:

When decorating the Christmas you prefer all white lights, or colored?? This is a topic of discussion amongst some of us!


  1. White only! Bryan and I had this discussion putting up our tree too - - white are classic!

  2. Well it depends, where are you putting the christmas tree? I know this is monumental, but if you are putting in by the new fireplace or in that room, I would say white lights would look the best, but if you are putting it down where the tv is, definitely colored =)

  3. I think Linz makes a good point. Color would look good in the downstairs;)

  4. I vote for white lights! Love, Mom