Friday, June 11, 2010

Fireplace Update (Again)....

So I've learned that adding a fireplace isn't as quick a process as I expected...but we only have one more step to complete this accent to our living room. Once this project is done, which will be this month, we have someone lined up to build bookshelves on both sides. By the end of the summer this room will look a lot different!

I'll be excited when we can add our new sconces and a piece of art above the mantel!

Here is the mantel we bought, but I still need to paint it "Dove White" to match our trim.

Tommy framing out the fireplace.....!

Tommy did this as well: he framed out the marble hearth with leftover wood from our floors. Isn't he talented?

The frame-out is complete.

The fireplace is all ready to go, we just have to put some drywall around it. This week we had the fireplace company come out and start-up the fireplace for the first time too, so it's fully functional at this point. A finished product should happen in two weeks!!

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