Wednesday, April 21, 2010


As we were contemplating jumping into the real estate market a few months ago, we were excited about the challenge of finding a home that would fit our lifestyle and also be a wise long-term financial investment. Location, school districts, and yard size were all things we thought hard about before choosing which home to bid on. We were ecstatic when the sellers accepted our offer and it was at that point began to picture what our life would be like in our first home together...........blank picture.....

We didn't think through the idea that we would need to decorate an entire house!! Coming from a 1 bedroom apartment, we didn't have much furniture to build our style around. This has all led to the big question we've been trying to think through for the past few months: "What is our style?"

We're re-doing a 4 bedroom house and we have no idea what we like! On the bright side, Eric and I have realized that we don't have to fill every room all at once. Yet, trying to envision how to decorate each room created a huge question mark in our minds. In an effort to search for an answer, I did what every other young person would do. I searched online!!!

Recently, I took this quiz online to get a better idea of what style of home we would like. Here was the answer:


Your design style is mixed. Call it traditional elegance meets modern lines. In your home, sophisticated looks contrast perfectly with updated twists. Rich accent colors complete the mixed antique modern look: tapestry blues, muted blue-greens, champagne and warm peachy tones. Your style includes a range of fabrics from silk to mohair to linen to velvet. Your style isn't the only thing with a combination approach: your space is perfect for anything from entertaining friends and family to intimate gatherings around the kitchen table.

Here are a few pictures that capture the design style we are drawn to:

It's a lot of dreaming for now.......


  1. We need to show you Sally Nold's house. It's totally your style!

  2. Thanks for posting the link to find your design style. I still don't know what mine is. You two are doing everything with the house the right way :) mb